Guarantee for Privately Placed Samurai Bonds Issued by the Central Bank of Tunisia
Supporting the Bank's second Samurai bond issue

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JBIC signed a set of agreements providing a guarantee for yen-denominated foreign bonds issued in Japan (Samurai bonds*1) by the Central Bank of Tunisia under FAITH. This guarantee is provided through JBIC’s Guarantee and Acquisition toward Tokyo Market Enhancement (GATE) facility*2 as a part of the support provided to countries in the Middle East and North Africa under the Deauville Partnership*3, and is the second guarantee for Samurai bonds issued by the Central Bank of Tunisia. The continued support for the issue of bonds in the Samurai bond market by the Central Bank of Tunisia will help the Tunisian government to diversify its funding sources, provide new investment opportunities to Japanese investors, and contribute to revitalizing the Samurai bond market and maintaining and strengthening the international competitiveness of the Japanese capital market. The guarantee is also expected to further deepen bilateral relations with Tunisia, and give added momentum to the business operations of Japanese companies over a broad range of fields.

  1. *1Samurai bonds are yen-denominated bonds issued by a foreign government or company in the Tokyo bond market.
  2. *2The Guarantee and Acquisition toward Tokyo market Enhancement (GATE) facility will enable JBIC to acquire Samurai bonds where appropriate, in addition to providing partial guarantees for samurai bond issues.
  3. *3Deauville Partnership is a framework for supporting the historical changes in Middle East and North African nations agreed upon at the G8 Deauville Summit in May 2011.
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