Buyer's Credits for the Export of Ships to Germany-based Oldendorff
Supporting the export of bulk carriers built by Japanese Shipbuilders

  • Area: Europe
  • Marine and Aerospace

JBIC concluded buyer's credit agreements with German-based Oldendorff Carriers GmbH & Co. KG (Oldendorff) for funding its purchase of two bulk carriers. Oldendorff, based in Germany, is a shipping operator that boasts one of the world's largest fleets, mainly bulk carriers. The financing makes it possible for Oldendorff to purchase two 60,000DWT*1 bulk carriers to be built by Japan Marine United Corporation. These agreements not only provide financial support for the export of ships built by Japanese shipbuilders, which play an important role in local economies and are involved with various related industries comprising mid-tier enterprises and SMEs, but also contributes to efforts to at least maintain, if not improve, the international competitiveness of Japan's shipbuilding industry.
  1. *1Dead weight tonnage (DWT) refers to the total carrying capacity of a vessel, including freight, fuel, food, drink, water, ship crew and their personal effects.
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