First Credit Line for Standard Bank in South Africa under GREEN Operations
Supporting renewable energy businesses in Sub-Saharan African countries

  • Area: Africa
  • Environment

JBIC concluded, in line with FAITH, a loan agreement with the South Africa-based private-sector bank, The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited (SBSA), to establish a credit line (credit facility based on financing for project development). This credit line provides, through the SBSA, the necessary funds for environmental projects that make use of renewable energy, such as photovoltaic and solar thermal power, in various Sub-Saharan African countries as part of JBIC's Global action for Reconciling Economic growth and ENvironmental preservation (GREEN)*1 operations. SBSA is the core bank of the largest financial group in Africa in terms of assets, operating in 20 African countries. This financing, which is expected to contribute to a reduction in GHG emissions in Sub-Saharan African countries, is also in line with Actions for Cool Earth (ACE) announced by the Japanese government in November 2013.
  1. *1Global action for Reconciling Economic growth and ENvironmental preservation (GREEN) operations promote overseas projects which aim to preserve the environment, such as the prevention of global warming. JBIC seeks to contribute to achieving both environmental and economic sustainability through these operations.
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