Third Credit Line for the BNDES under GREEN Operations
Supporting renewable energy projects which make use of Japan's environmental technologies

  • Area: Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Environment

JBIC concluded a loan agreement with Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social (BNDES) to establish a credit line (credit facility based on financing for project development), the third loan for the bank. As part of JBIC's GREEN operations, it provides, through the BNDES, the necessary funds for environmental projects that make use of renewable energy, such as wind and biomass-generated power in Brazil. The BNDES, as the sole government-affiliated financial institution responsible for providing long-term funds for projects in Brazil, actively supports environmental projects which utilize renewable energy. JBIC and the BNDES have developed a close relationship over the past 50 years through financing and technical cooperation related to various types of projects in Brazil, such as industrial investment, export promotion, and infrastructure development. This loan agreement is expected to contribute to a decline in GHG emissions in Brazil, and to provide opportunities to spread Japan's leading environmental technology in the country.
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