Manufacturing and Sales of Conductors for Various Types of Electrical Wires
Misuzu Co., Ltd.

  • Area: Asia
  • Manufacturing and Services
  • Mid-Tier Enterprises and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises(SMEs)

Misuzu Co., Ltd. (Misuzu) was established in 1955 and since then has been engaged in the production and sales of conductors for various types of electrical wires. The products are used in a wide range of devices such as household appliances and cables for gastro and other endoscopes. Misuzu established the Lao-based MISUZU LAO CO., LTD (MLO) in order to capture a greater share of the ASEAN market, which is projected to further grow in the future. JBIC provided MISUZU with funds necessary for MLO to conduct the business.
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