MOU with Nacional Financiera in Mexico

  • Area: Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Mid-Tier Enterprises and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises(SMEs)
  • Environment

JBIC and Nacional Financiera, S.N.C., I.B.D.(NAFIN), a governmental financial institution that supports Mexico's mid-tier enterprises and SMEs, as well as renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, concluded an MOU in the presence of Japanese Prime Minister Abe and Mexican President H.E. Enrique Peña Nieto. The purpose of the MOU is to improve the exchange of information and opinions regarding the manufacturing sector of local SMEs and the environment sector, such as renewable energy projects in Mexico. Since a new administration came to power at the end of 2012, the Mexican government has worked on structural reform of various sectors, and announced its active efforts in the energy sector by setting the goal of increasing the percentage of energy generated from renewable energy sources to 35% by 2024 under its Energy Reform. It is expected that this MOU will create business opportunities for companies in both countries, particularly in these fields, through cooperation between JBIC and NAFIN.
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