Energy and Natural Resource Financing

If resource-poor Japan is to continue economic growth, it is crucial to secure long-term and steady imports of energy and mineral resources, such as petroleum, natural gas and iron ore. In other words, to ensure economic security, Japan needs to build up stable economic relations with countries endowed with natural resources and provide vigorous cooperation for their resource development projects.

Natural resource development is a risky undertaking. Because it involves substantial reserve and price fluctuation risks, such an undertaking must overcome a high hurdle before it takes off successfully. Thus there is a need for official financial support when Japanese firms undertake resource development projects.

Import Loans

Overseas Investment Loans

JBIC positively supports Japanese firms as they import resources based on long-term contracts or acquire their interests in developing resources, by providing import loans and overseas investment loans.

In addition, JBIC supports projects that will contribute indirectly and proactively to securing access to resource supplies to Japan, including those conducive to strengthening the competitiveness of Japanese firms engaging in resource development and those developing the infrastructure integrally linked to resource development.