Appointment of Members of the Advisory Committee of J-MRV

Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC)


In conducting financing operations for sustaining the global environment under GREEN, JBIC established Guidelines for Measurement, Reporting and Verification of GHG Emission Reductions in JBIC's GREEN (the "J-MRV Guidelines")

The J-MRV Guidelines set forth establishment of an Advisory Committee (Committee) consisting of members having expertise and experience in climate change mitigation projects, the Kyoto Mechanisms, ISO(International Organization for Standardization) Standards and other methods for quantifying emission reductions of energy-utilizing projects.

Based on the J-MRV Guidelines, JBIC appointed the following Committee members.

The Committee shall submit an opinion to JBIC on the following matters upon request from JBIC:

  • (a) The amount of emission reductions attributable to the projects under the J-MRV Guidelines;
  • (b) The provisions of the J-MRV Guidelines and J-MRV methodologies (as revised from tiem to time) and other related matters;
  • (c) Other matters necessary for efficient implementation of the J-MRV Guidelines; and
  • (d) An annual review of methodologies.

JBIC will continue improving the J-MRV Guidelines by using opinions from the Advisory Committee by taking into account lessons learned from application to JBIC's operations as well as international discussions on measurement, reporting and verification of GHG emissions.

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