Computer Virus Infection of PC and Spoofed E-Mails in JBIC

Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC)

On Friday, March 2, 2012, the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) of the Japan Finance Corporation (JFC) found one of the personal computers (PC) of its staff was infected by Trojan horse virus.

Immediate bank-wide investigation has confirmed a significant possibility that as a result of this infection, part of the information stored in the infected PC (i.e., some mails between JBIC staff and the clients) have been leaked outside JBIC. We are currently investigating what pieces of information have been leaked out, including those already identified. We have already notified the relevant clients of this infection, expressing our sincere apology.

With regard to the domestic units of JFC, please rest assured that there is no need to concern about virus infection, since they are using an e-mail system different from JBIC’s.

It was also confirmed that e-mails to which a virus-infected file is attached have been sent to PCs of other JBIC staff by making use of the information contained in the e-mails stored in the infected PC, which indicates the possibility of the abuse of the leaked-out information.

If you have received such spoofed e-mail or an e-mail whose sender or content is not familiar to you—especially the one sent from free e-mail address domains such as, and and also including the name of JBIC staff—please do not open (nor return or forward) the attached file of such e-mail and delete both the email and the attachment completely. If you open the attached file, there is a risk that the information in your PC or other devices will be stolen.

While JBIC has been making efforts to prevent virus infection with sufficient precautionary measures for the security of its information system, we will continue to strengthen information security measures.

If you have any suggestion or information regarding this incident, please contact Operations and Transaction Department of JBIC (contact person: Mr. Matsuda or Mr. Chiba; Tel: 03-5218-3783).

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