Computer Virus Infection on PC and Spoofed E-Mails in JBIC (3)

Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC)

We informed you on Wednesday, March 14, 2012, that virus-infected and spoofed e-mails using the JBIC domain name, "", were sent by someone to the PCs of JBIC staff. In this connection, on Thursday, March 15, it was confirmed that such infected and spoofed e-mails were also sent to other addresses outside JBIC.

If you have received such a virus-infected and spoofed e-mail or an e-mail whose sender or content is not familiar to you, please do not open (nor return or forward) the attached file of such e-mail and delete both the email and the attachment completely. If you open the attached file, there is a risk that the information in your PC or other devices will be stolen.

With regard to the domestic units of JFC, please rest assured that there is no need to concern about this matter, since they are using an e-mail system different from JBIC's.

JBIC has been investigating the damage and cause of the incidents made public on Friday, March 9 and Wednesday, March 14, as well as the latest incident, in an effort to prevent further virus infection and keep watch on the security of its information system. JBIC will continue to strengthen information security measures. We are already talking with law enforcement authority on this series of incidents.

If you have any suggestion or information regarding this incident, please contact Operations and Transaction Department of JBIC (contact person: Mr. Matsuda or Mr. Chiba; Tel: +81-3-5218-3783).

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