Computer Virus Infection on PC and Spoofed E-Mails in JBIC (4)

Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC)

We have been informing you on March 9,*1 14,*2 16,*3 2012 and warning through our website that the PC of the staff of JBIC (former Japan Finance Corporation, hereinafter called "JBIC") had been infected by a Trojan Horse virus and it's highly possible that the information (including the e-mail exchanged between JBIC's customer and JBIC Staff )held in the PC were leaked outside, and also the infected and spoofed e-mails *4 using JBIC domain name were sent to JBIC and other addresses outside JBIC. We sincerely apologize that the recent spoofed e-mail incident had caused inconveniences and concerns to the people involved.

After the incident was identified, JBIC has implemented virus removal on the infected PCs along with the PC's data analysis, etc,. with the utmost care, however, we could not specify the range of leaked data.

Along with these efforts, JBIC as a whole has been strengthening its security measures. We recognize that this issue needs continuous efforts so that we humbly accept this time's incident and try to make an effort to prevent further virus infection, keep watch on the security of its information system and continue to strengthen information security measures in cooperation with concerned organizations.

As for this issue, we will report to you again if there is any finding to be disclosed in the future.


  1. *1See "Information" dated March 9,2012
  2. *2See "Information" dated March 14,2012
  3. *3See "Information" dated March 16,2012
  4. *4JBIC has confirmed spoofed e-mails that the sender's e-mail address using free e-mails from @yahoo, @aol which include JBIC's staff name in addition to the JBIC domain name"" so far.


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