Loan for Concrete Products Manufacturing and Sales Business of Japanese Companies in India
Supporting Overseas Business Deployment of Mid-Tier Enterprises and SMEs

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July 8, 2015
  1. The Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC; Governor, CEO: Hiroshi Watanabe) signed a loan agreement on July 6 amounting up to USD1.65 million (JBIC portion) with Fuji Silvertech Concrete Private Limited (FSC), an Indian company jointly owned by Fuji Concrete Industry Co., Ltd. (FUJI CONCRETE INDUSTRY; Headquarters: Takeo-city, Saga Prefecture; Representative Director & President: Shunsuke Irie) and Toyota Kohki Co., Ltd. (TOYOTA KOHKI; Headquarters: Fuchu-city, Tokyo; President: Minoru Toyoda)*1. The loan is cofinanced with The Tama Shinkin Bank.
  2. The loan is intended to finance the concrete products manufacturing and sales business of FSC in the state of Gujarat, India. 
  3. FUJI CONCRETE INDUSTRY and TOYOTA KOHKI are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), manufacturing and selling concrete products and concrete forms for concrete products. The companies jointly established FSC in India, where the demand for pre-casted concrete products*2 such as exterior walls surrounding industrial parks and roadside drains for various infrastructure developments is expected to increase, with growing infrastructure investments against the backdrop of economic growth. Therefore, the loan will contribute to maintaining and strengthening the international competitiveness of Japanese industries through supporting the overseas business deployment of FUJI CONCRETE INDUSTRY and TOYOTA KOHKI.
  4. As Japan's policy-based financial institution, JBIC will continue to support the overseas business deployment of Japanese companies, including mid-tier enterprises and SMEs, in growing markets such as India, by drawing on its various financial facilities and schemes for structuring projects, and performing its risk-assuming function.
  1. *1 FUJI CONCRETE and TOYOTA KOHKI holds FSC through Fuji-Toyota Precast Technology Japan Co. Ltd. (Headquarters; Fuchu-city, Tokyo), a Japanese company which is jointly invested by the two companies.
  2. *2 The concrete products are produced highly precisely and in large quantities at a factory, not at a construction site.
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