JBIC Asian Investment Seminar

[Photo][Photo][Photo]The speakers in the Seminar

JBIC held on November 26, 2012, the JBIC Asian Investment Seminar in the West Japan Office, Osaka, where its client companies located in the West Japan region got together. The themes of the Seminar were: "Points to Be Confirmed When Japanese Companies Expand Business into Asia," "Points to Be Borne in Mind with the Central Focus on Tax Issues: From Business Expansion to Withdrawal," "The Whole Concept of the Strategy for Intellectual Property," and "The Recent Investment Environment in Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar."

During the Seminar, JBIC Chief Representative in Bangkok Hiroshi Hanaoka and JBIC Deputy Director Yoshikazu Yano in the West Japan Office made presentations. In addition, as external lecturers, Mr. Amane Sawa, CPA (certified public accountant) and CPTAA (certified public tax accountant) at Sawa Certified Public Accounting Office, spoke on "Pitfalls in Expanding Business Overseas: Focusing on Asian Countries," and Mr. Koji Murai, patent attorney at Shinjyu Global IP, spoke on "The Strategy for Intellectual Property (for Asia) Such As Trademarks Required for Overseas Business Expansion." After their lectures, a question-and-answer session took place with the participants from the client companies.

JBIC will continue to provide a variety of information to its client companies by holding seminars and events.


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