JBIC Corporate Philosophy

JBIC conducts its operations under the purpose stipulated in Article 1 of JAPAN BANK FOR INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION ACT with following Corporate Philosophy, Corporate Slogan, and Code of Conduct.

JBIC Corporate Philosophy

Positioned at the crossroads of global business opportunities, JBIC is opening new venues to the future for the Japanese and global economy.

Hands‐on Policy:
Pioneering new value by participating at the forefront of overseas project development, and by engaging proactively in projects from the early stages

Customer‐1st Approach:
Offering customers one‐of‐a‐kind solutions by adopting their perspectives and integrating their views into policy development

Forward‐looking Action:
Contributing to the sustainable development of Japan and the world as a whole by deploying highly professional skills, with a view to realizing a secure and affluent future society

Corporate Slogan

コーポレートスローガン 日本の力を、世界のために。supporting Your Global Challenges

JBIC Code of Conduct

・Act consistently in the public interest. Contribute to Japan and the international community by pursuing our Mission.

・Prioritize client satisfaction. Deliberate, decide and act from the client's perspective.

・Accept responsibility as a professional. Perform every task based on your own initiative.

・Undertake challenges daringly. Create new value without fear of failure.

・Work quickly and cost‐effectively. Enhance your work quality with an eye to efficiency.

・Focus on teamwork. Share unified objectives with your colleagues to achieve significant successes.

・Maintain high ethical standards and a law‐abiding spirit. Observe our moral code as a JBIC member at all times.