JBIC Video

Bridging the World, Building the Future

JBIC Overview

  • Supporting efforts to secure a stable supply of Natural Resources for Japan.(03:05)
  • Supporting overseas business operations of Japanese firms.(04:36)
  • JBIC's activities for maintaining international financial order.(08:49)
  • Efforts of JBIC for Environmental Conservation.(09:40)

Supporting Natural Resource Projects

Rapid change in the global environment for energy resources(00:00)

  • LNG Project in Australia(02:28)
  • LNG Project in Sakhalin,Russia(03:30)
  • Development of copper mines in Chile(04:31)
  • Support for securing rare metals(06:22)

Supporting Overseas Businesses

Supporting SMEs financially and with information(00:00)

  • Exporting subway cars to Egypt(01:17)
  • Enhancing local supply chain in India(02:18)
  • Electrical power project in Thailand(03:51)

Supporting Infrastructure Projects

Promoting Overseas Infrastructure Development(00:00)

  • Project Financing Scheme(02:57)
  • JBIC Euhanced Facility for Global Cooperation in Low Carbon Infrastructure and Equity Investment(03:50)

Supporting Enviromental Business

JBIC's Suppor for Enviromental Business(00:00)

  • Global action for Reconciling Economic growth and Envirimental preservation:GREEN(01:28)
  • Measure to address climate change(03:56)

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