Objection Procedures based on Environmental Guidelines

JBIC introduced objection procedures simultaneously with implementation of its Guidelines for Confirmation of Environmental and Social Considerations (the "Guidelines") to ensure its compliance with the Guidelines. Their objectives are (1) to investigate facts as to whether or not the Guidelines have been complied with by JBIC and report the results thereof to the Executive Committee; and (2) to encourage dialogues between the parties concerned based on their consent in order to assist early resolution of disputes concerning specific environmental and/or social problems caused by the JBIC-funded project, which arose due to JBIC's non-compliance with the Guidelines. Two Examiners for Environmental Guidelines were appointed as an independent entity for conducting investigation.

The Guidelines set forth that "In order to ensure its compliance with the Guidelines, JBIC accepts objections regarding its non-compliance with the Guidelines and will take the necessary actions." Based on this provision, the former JBIC examined procedures for submitting objections. In order to ensure the transparency of this process, the former JBIC held 13 sessions of public consultation forums from June, 2002, with the participation of the general public, including academics, industry representatives and NGOs. In February, 2003, the former JBIC also invited public comments and contacted relevant officials from the governments and agencies of developing countries to obtain their views. Procedures to Submit Objections concerning the Guidelines ("Procedures") and Major Rules for the Establishment of an Examiner for Environmental Guidelines ("Major Rules for Establishment") were prepared based on various views and comments obtained through this process.
Subsequently the necessary revisions were made to Objection Procedures in January 2015 and came into effect in April 2015, concurrently with the revision of Guidelines for Confirmation of Environmental and Social Considerations (the Guidelines).  The present Procedures are applied to all appeals that JBIC received after April 2015. 

The concrete procedures are set forth in the following:

For the status of acceptance of the requests and the progress of procedures, please see here.

Result of the selection over Examiners for Environmental Guidelines

On October 1, 2016, JBIC appointed two Examiners for Environmental Guidelines.

Profiles of Examiners

The profiles of the Examiners are as follows:

Professor Hiroshi Kobayashi
Faculty of Economics and Law (Institute of Social Science), Shinshu University

Professor Koji Shimada
College of Economics, Ritsumeikan University

For further information, please contact:
Office of Examiner for Environmental Guidelines
  • Japan Bank for International Cooperation
    4-1, Ohtemachi 1-chome Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8144, Japan
  • FAX: + 81-(0)3-5218-3946
  • E-mail: sinsayaku@jbic.go.jp


Annual Report of the Examiners for Environmental Guidelines

The Examiners for Environmental Guidelines prepares an annual report on their activities.