Concrete Products Manufacturing and Sales Business
Fuji Concrete Industry Co., Ltd. Toyota Kohki Co., Ltd.

  • Area: Asia
  • Manufacturing and Services
  • Mid-Tier Enterprises and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises(SMEs)

FUJI CONCRETE INDUSTRY and TOYOTA KOHKI are engaged in the manufacturing and sales of concrete products and molds for concrete products, respectively. Based on an expected increase in demand for infrastructure investments against the backdrop of economic growth in India, the companies jointly established Fuji Silvertech Concrete Private Limited (FSC) *1 in India as a joint venture with an Indian company. FSC manufactures and sells pre-cast concrete products*2 used in various infrastructure projects. JBIC provided FSC with funds necessary for concrete products manufacturing and sales business.
  1. *1FUJI CONCRETE and TOYOTA KOHKI hold FSC through Fuji-Toyota Precast Technology Japan Co. Ltd., a Japanese company which is jointly invested in by the two companies.
  2. *2The pre-cast concrete products are produced with high precision and in large quantities at a factory, not at a construction site.
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