7. Application and review of the Environmental Guideline
JBIC Guidelines for Confirmation of Environmental and Social Considerations

Here are JBIC's answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Environmental Guidelines.


7.1Q. What is the process through which the Environmental Guidelines which came into effect in April 2015 were revised?

A. For the current Environmental Guidelines, firstly the status of implementation of the former Environmental Guidelines was verified and investigated, in accordance with Section 8 of Part 1 “Application and Review of the Guidelines” of the former Environmental Guidelines (effective April 2012), the results of which were compiled into a report and published.
Then, since it is stipulated in the former Environmental Guidelines that “When making revisions, JBIC will seek the opinions of the Japanese Government, the governments of developing countries, Japanese companies, experts, NGOs etc., while maintaining transparency in the process”, consultation forums which called for participation from the general public were held a total of 10 times between March 2014 and November 2014. With a large number of attendees from industry, NGOs, experts, and concerned government ministries and agencies, discussion was carried out on the various points, based also on the results of the aforementioned verification and investigation of the status of implementation. This resulted in the formulation of a revision draft proposal for the Environmental Guidelines.
Effort was made to ensure transparency of the revision process, and disclose information, which included making the minutes of the aforementioned meetings, and the distributed materials available on the JBIC website when applicable.
In addition, public comments on the aforementioned revision draft proposal were invited for a period of a month, and the Environmental Guidelines were revised based also on the valuable opinions of the public received in this way.

7.2Q. Given that the revised Environmental Guidelines came into full force in April 2015, are they applied to the projects for which loan requests are made after that time?

A. JBIC applies the revised Environmental Guidelines to the projects for which substantive funding requests have been received in April 2015 and later. The term substantive funding request used here means the submission of the request and the screening form to JBIC.

7.3Q. Will the Environmental Guidelines be periodically revised in the future?

A. As stipulated in Section 8 of Part 1 of the Environmental Guidelines, a comprehensive review of the Environmental Guidelines will be conducted after five years have passed, and with that result, revisions may then be made as needed.
However, the revision could be made to the guidelines when JBIC deems it necessary to be in line with the revised Common Approaches, without waiting for the periodic review. In this case, the guidelines will be revised while maintaining transparency in the process. As a concrete procedure, JBIC will make the guidelines revision plan open to the public and create the opportunity to accept the stakeholders’ opinions through holding the briefing sessions and public comments to the revision plan.