Financial Instruments

JBIC's mission is to contribute to the sound development of Japan and international economy and society by conducting financial operation in the following four fields:

  • Promoting the overseas development and securement of resources which are important for Japan
  • Maintaining and improving the international competitiveness of Japanese industries
  • Promoting the overseas business having the purpose of preserving the global environment, such as preventing global warming
  • Preventing disruptions to international financial order or taking appropriate measures with respect to damages caused by such disruption

JBIC will provide support for the development of Japan and international economy to meet their increasingly diverse financing needs through its variety of financial products and other services.

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Export loans support Japanese plant, ship and technology exports.

Import Loans image

Import loans support the import of strategically important goods by Japanese firms, including oil, natural gas (such as LNG) and iron ore. The guarantee facility is available for the import of goods other than natural resources.

JBIC provides overseas investment loans to meet long-term financing needs of Japanese firms for their international business development, including projects that will establish/expand production bases and develop natural resources overseas.

Untied loans are loans not conditional on procurement of equipment and materials from Japan. These loans finance projects and programs primarily in developing countries; the imports they need; and their efforts to achieve balance-of-payments equilibrium or stabilize currencies.

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JBIC supports overseas business operations of its clients by participating in their equity investments. Interested Japanese business firms should contact specific international finance departments for more information.

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JBIC issues guarantees for loans extended by private financial institutions, public bonds issued by governments and other public entities in developing countries and corporate bonds issued by overseas Japanese subsidiaries and affiliates.

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JBIC conducts feasibility and other studies in the early stage of the projects undertaken in developing and resource-endowed countries.

Japan needs to build up stable economic relations with countries endowed with natural resources and provide vigorous cooperation for their resource development projects.



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