Import Loans

Import loans support imports of strategically important goods including natural resources. They are extended to Japanese importers or foreign exporters. As Japan is poorly endowed with natural resources, stable imports of natural resources over the long term are one of the key factors underpinning domestic economic activity. Import loans finance the development and import of energy resources, including oil and LNG, and mineral resources, including iron ore, copper and other rare materials.

In addition to natural resources, JBIC provides a guarantee facility for goods and services essential to the sound development of the Japanese economy, such as for the import of aircraft.

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Eligible Goods

Oil, petroleum gas, LNG, coal, uranium, metallic ore, metals, mineral phosphate, fluorite, salt, lumber, wood chip, pulp, and other materials


JBIC provides loans in cofinancing with other financial institutions (usually the loan applicant's bank(s)) to meet the client's financial needs.

Loan Terms

Loan Amount

The loan amount does not exceed the value of the import contract. Loans are disbursed when actual financing needs occur.

Coverage and Interest Rates

Loan interest rates are linked to funding cost of JBIC, including the rate on borrowings from the Fiscal Loan Fund Special Account, and thus they are subject to changes in conditions of the financial market. A loan applicant should make an inquiry at the relevant loan department for specific loan conditions.

Repayment Period and Method

Repayment Period
The repayment period varies depending on goods and contract value and is determined after reviewing the import contract.
Repayment Method
The sum of principal and interest has to be repaid, in principle, by installments.

Security and Guarantee

JBIC makes its own judgment on the need for security or guarantee after consulting with the client.

On Guarantees

The importers of goods other than natural resources may resort to the following guarantee facility.

Eligible Goods

Products, such as aircraft, truly required for the sound development of the national economy.

Terms and Conditions

Guarantees will cover, in principle, 80 percent of funds required for importing goods.
Guarantee Period
Up to 15 years from the time of the import
The guarantee is, in principle, secured on the imported product.