Research and Studies

JBIC conducts research and studies on individual projects during their initial stage, as well as those focused on specific regions or industry sectors that may be conductive to specific projects. This is an effective means of identifying potentially quality projects, and is expected to lead to increasing exports of materials and services from Japan, as well as expand opportunities to participate in projects by Japanese companies. Research and studies are conducted at each stage necessary for realization of the project, including preparation of a master plan for an individual project, conducting of prefeasibility and feasibility studies (Pre-F/S, F/S), front-end engineering design (FEED), and studies of regions and industry sectors conductive to specific projects. After the research and studies are completed, follow-up reviews are conducted at least once each year to confirm the progress of the project.

Research and studies are conducted in the following sequence.

  1. Selection of a research and study subject
  2. Selection of the contractor to conduct research and studies
  3. Conduct of the research and studies
  4. Completion of the research and study report
  5. Follow-up