Warning: Suspicious E-mails from Persons Impersonating JBIC Staff

Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC)

Recently, JBIC has been receiving information about suspicious e-mails that are being sent from persons impersonating JBIC staff. To date, we have confirmed receipt of e-mails under the name of "Japan Bank for International Cooperation" or "JBIC" from persons posing as JBIC staff, which have been sent to individuals and in which requests have been made for money transfers and/or withdrawals to be made, or for the recipient of such e-mails to input information such as their user IDs and passcodes, as if doing so could lead to such recipients receiving money from JBIC. JBIC has never requested nor will never request, through such means as telephone calls, e-mails or visits, you to make money transfers, withdrawals and/or remittances to individuals with whom JBIC does not transact business, ask you for such information as your bank account number or your personal identification number (PIN), or take custody of your cash card or cash. In addition, JBIC will never invite you to input information for persons with whom JBIC does not transact business by directing you to a linked website.

If you receive such e-mails or e-mails the content or sender of which you are completely unfamiliar, do not reply to or forward such e-mails, and delete them at once, without opening any attachments to or clicking on a links in such emails. If you reply to such emails, you may become involved in criminal acts such as fraud and extortion. Alternatively, by opening an attachment or clicking on a link, your computer may be infected by a computer virus or your personal information may be stolen. We urge you to be very careful with these suspicious e-mails that are being sent by persons impersonating JBIC staff.

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