Discussions with The Brookings Institution of the U.S.

Discussions with The Brookings Institution

On February 18, 2016, the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) held a discussion with ten young researchers from The Brookings Institution, a renowned think tank in the U.S., on topics including the overseas business expansion of Japanese companies. The researchers of the institution were invited to Japan as part of the KAKEHASHI Project, which is hosted by Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and carried out by the JAPAN INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION CENTER (JICE). They paid visits to central government ministries and agencies, as well as leading Japanese companies and think tanks, in addition to JBIC.

The KAKEHASHI Project is a program which exchanges highly capable people between Japan and North America, with the aims of: 1) promoting an understanding of the politics, society, history, and diplomatic policies of Japan through people-to-people exchanges; 2) expanding Japan's diplomatic base by identifying people who are knowledgeable about and support Japan; and 3) have the program's participants proactively disseminate information about Japan's appeals, creating an even better image of Japan in the international community and thereby contributing to promoting a sustained interest in Japan. Junsuke Arita, Deputy Director of JBIC's Press and External Affairs Division, Corporate Planning Department, Corporate Group, gave a presentation on Japan's foreign economic policies and trends in overseas expansion by Japanese companies, as well as JBIC's activities by introducing a few examples, while outlining JBIC's organizational structure, history, and past achievements.

An active discussion was held, with the participants from The Brookings Institution proactively voicing opinions and asking questions on a wide range of topics, such as the economic policies of Japan, risks and risk-controlling methods in overseas business, and the present state of public-private partnerships. The participants' thoughts on the discussion included, "we were able to deepen our understanding of Japanese foreign economic policies as well as the roles of JBIC."

JBIC will continue to contribute to promoting an understanding of Japan, as well as of JBIC, in people including foreign opinion leaders, through such opportunities.

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