JBIC Held Workshop for Japanese Regional Banks with Operations in Singapore

Opening speech by Mr. Nishitani, Regional Head for Asia and Pacific
Speech by Mr. Kikuchi, Director General of the Country Credit Department

The Singapore representative office of the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) held a workshop on August 25, 2017 for Japanese regional banks in Singapore. This workshop was intended to share our knowledge and information about the macro-economic trends and recent topics of interest in the Asia and Pacific region, with Japanese regional banks in Singapore who manage their overall operations in the region.

Mr. Tsuyoshi Nishitani, Regional Head for Asia and Pacific, started the workshop by giving the opening speech, where he highlighted that JBIC's loans to Japanese mid-tier enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are provided through co-financing with Japanese regional banks, are increasing due to the growth in the number of mid-tier enterprises and SMEs that have entered the Asian market in recent years. He also explained that as supporting overseas businesses of Japanese mid-tier enterprises and SMEs is one of the important pillars of JBIC's role, JBIC would like to proactively share the information about the Asian and Pacific region with those companies and Japanese regional banks. Following Mr. Nishitani's opening remarks, Mr. Yo Kikuchi, Director General of the Country Credit Department, made a presentation titled "The Macro Economy in the Asia and Pacific Region". Giving the overview of the entire Asian economy as the growth center of the world, and its tolerance for potential risks, Mr. Kikuchi referred to the political and economic trends in individual Asian economies, especially Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, as well as the issues that might be faced by those countries in future. His presentation also pointed out the importance of improving the quality of infrastructure, rather than the quantity, regardless of a shortage of infrastructure investment relative to huge demand in the Asian region.

JBIC will continue to make proactive efforts in providing our knowledge and information, in cooperation with Japanese regional banks and other related organizations, that are helpful when Japanese companies start or expand their operations abroad.

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