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About JBIC
About JBIC

This page introduces information on JBIC's role and organization.


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Support Menu

JBIC offers a range of financial products and other services to our clients.


Business Areas
Business Areas

Information about JBIC's activities in each business area and its efforts for environmental conservation.


Public Information
Public Information

Various reports compiled and contributed by JBIC


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Press Releases


Investor Relations
Investor Relations

This page introduces information on JBIC's investor relations.



The Mission of JBIC

JBIC's mission is to contribute to the sound development of Japan and international economy and society by conducting financial operation in the following four fields:

  • Promoting the overseas development and securement of resources which are important for Japan
  • Maintaining and improving the international competitiveness of Japanese industries
  • Promoting the overseas business having the purpose of preserving the global environment, such as preventing global warming
  • Preventing disruptions to international financial order or taking appropriate measures with respect to damages caused by such disruption


Name Japan Bank for International Cooperation(JBIC)
Office 4-1 Ohtemachi 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8144, Japan
Capital ¥ 1,765.2 billion*
Outstandings (Loans and Equity Participations) ¥ 13,919.4 billion*
Outstanding (Guarantees) ¥ 2,260.2 billion*
  • * As of March 31, 2018 

Organizational Chart

Japan Bank for International Cooperation Organizational Chart 

List of Countries and Regions Covered by JBIC

Directors and Corporate Auditors

(as of June 21, 2018)
Governor Tadashi Maeda
Deputy Governor Nobumitsu Hayashi
Executive Managing Director Kazuhiko Amakawa
Senior Managing Director Yasushi Hasegawa
Senior Managing Director Kuninori Kuroishi
Senior Managing Director Tatsuhiko Takesada
Managing Director (Outside Director) Shinichi Koizumi
Managing Director (Outside Director) Yoshinori Kawamura
Corporate Auditor (Full-Time Corporate Auditor) Yasuo Ota
Corporate Auditor (Outside Corporate Auditor) Mitsuaki Tsuchiya
Corporate Auditor (Outside Corporate Auditor) Yuko Tamai

JBIC Corporate Philosophy

JBIC conducts its operations under the purpose stipulated in Article 1 of JAPAN BANK FOR INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION ACT with following Corporate Philosophy, Corporate Slogan, and Code of Conduct.

Positioned at the crossroads of global business opportunities, JBIC is opening new venues to the future for the Japanese and global economy.

Hands‐on Policy:
Pioneering new value by participating at the forefront of overseas project development, and by engaging proactively in projects from the early stages

Customer‐1st Approach:
Offering customers one‐of‐a‐kind solutions by adopting their perspectives and integrating their views into policy development

Forward‐looking Action:
Contributing to the sustainable development of Japan and the world as a whole by deploying highly professional skills, with a view to realizing a secure and affluent future society

Corporate Slogan

コーポレートスローガン 日本の力を、世界のために。supporting Your Global Challenges

JBIC Code of Conduct

・Act consistently in the public interest. Contribute to Japan and the international community by pursuing our Mission.

・Prioritize client satisfaction. Deliberate, decide and act from the client's perspective.

・Accept responsibility as a professional. Perform every task based on your own initiative.

・Undertake challenges daringly. Create new value without fear of failure.

・Work quickly and cost‐effectively. Enhance your work quality with an eye to efficiency.

・Focus on teamwork. Share unified objectives with your colleagues to achieve significant successes.

・Maintain high ethical standards and a law‐abiding spirit. Observe our moral code as a JBIC member at all times.

Statutory Law


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Head Office

4-1 Ohtemachi 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8144,Japan
Tel: 03-5218-3100
Fax: 03-5218-3955

[Figure] Access Map(Head Office)

Directions to JBIC head office

Since the first floor of the northern part of the building that houses the JBIC head office is used by KKR Hotel Tokyo as its lobby, please enter the main entrance facing the south (near Takebashi Station of Tokyo Metro and the moat of the Imperial Palace when you visit the JBIC head office.

By Subway

  • From Takebashi Station of Tokyo Metro Tozai Line:
    Exit the fare gate on the Otemachi end of the platform. Exit 3b (Directly connected)
  • From Otemachi Station of Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, Hanzomon Line, Marunouchi Line, Tozai Line or Toei Subway Mita Line:
    Exit C2b. Walk west toward the Imperial Palace. Turn right on Uchibori-dori Ave. Cross Uchibori-dori. at traffic light in front of the Japan Meteorological Agency. (5 minutes on foot)
  • From Jinbocho Station of Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, Toei Subway Mita Line or Shinjuku Line:
    Exit A7 or A9. Walk north down Hakusan-dori Ave. toward the Imperial Palace. Cross traffic light to the left (east) at the Hirakawamon intersection (T-junction). JBIC head office is next to Marubeni headquarters building. (5 minutes on foot)

By Car

  • From the direction of Kasumigaseki:
    Drive down Uchibori-dori Ave. toward Ochanomizu. Turn left at the traffic light in front of the Japan Meteorological Agency.
    To go to the parking (ground-based / underground), drive past traffic light in front of the Japan Meteorological Agency. Turn left before the Metropolitan Expressway overpass. The parking gate is on the left.
  • From the direction of Chidorigafuchi:
    Drive Uchibori-dori Ave. toward Otemachi. Pass the Hirakawamon intersection (T-junction). JBIC head office is on the left past Marubeni headquraters building.
    To go to the parking (ground-based / underground), turn left at traffic light in front of the Japan Meteorological Agency. Turn left before the Metropolitan Expressway overpass. The parking gate is on the left.

West Japan Office

10th floor, Umeshin Daiichi Seimei Building, 3-5 Sonezaki 2-chome, Kita-ku,
Osaka-city, Osaka, 530-0057, Japan
Tel: 06-6311-2520
Fax: 06-6311-2529
3-8min. on foot from Umeda Station on Subways or JR line

[Figure] Access Map(JBIC Office in West Japan)

Directions to West Japan Office

By Railway

  • 6-minute walk from JR Osaka Station
  • 3-8 minute-walk from: Kita-Shinchi Station, JR Tozai Line; Umeda Station, Subway Midosuji Line; Higashi Umeda Station, Subway Tanimachi Line; Nishi-Umeda Station, Subway Yotsubashi Line; Hankyu Umeda Station; and Hanshin Umeda Station.
    (The nearest stations are: Higashi-Umeda Station, Subway Tanimachi Line; and Kita-Shinchi Station, JR Tozai Line.)

From the direction of JR Osaka Station and Umeda Station (via Umeda underground shopping mall)
Exit 7 (H-82 underground) near the ticket gate of Higashi-Umeda Station, Subway Tanimachi Line. Go up the stairs and walk down Midosuji Ave. in the direction opposite to Hankyu Department Store. Umeshin Daiichi Seimei Building is to the left of the Umeda-Shimmichi Crossing (with an overpass).

About JBIC