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About JBIC
About JBIC

This page introduces information on JBIC's role and organization.


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Support Menu

JBIC offers a range of financial products and other services to our clients.


Business Areas
Business Areas

Information about JBIC's activities in each business area and its efforts for environmental conservation.


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Public Information

Various reports compiled and contributed by JBIC



JBIC's Sustainability Initiatives


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Press Releases

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Investor Relations
Investor Relations

This page introduces information on JBIC's investor relations.


Mid-tier Enterprises and SMEs


Japanese mid-tier enterprises (MTEs) and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are proactively expanding their business overseas with an aim to increasing business opportunities by meeting demand in foreign markets, while responding to the needs of large Japanese companies for local procurement in their global supply chain.

To adapt to the diversifying needs of Japanese MTEs and SMEs, JBIC provides them with not only funding support, but also other various assistance including distribution of information about overseas investment environment and strengthening of partnership with related parties in a project host country by signing a memorandum of understanding with its government agencies and local financial institutions.

Business Highlights

JBIC's Business Activity for MTEs and SMEs

For details about JBIC's key challenges and efforts in the MTEs and SMEs, please see Industry Finance Group.

Cooperation with Japanese Regional Financial Institutions and Local Banks in Overseas Countries

JBIC has signed memoranda of understandings (MOUs) with Japanese regional financial institutions for business cooperation to support Japanese MTEs and SMEs by exchanging information about the overseas business activities of Japanese companies and the investment environment of foreign countries as well as by co-financing Japanese MTEs and SMEs with plans to expand into overseas markets. JBIC has also concluded MOUs with local banks in overseas countries for cooperation in helping Japanese MTEs and SMEs to expand their business into local markets with support from Japanese regional financial institutions. A number of Japanese regional financial institutions have already participated in the cooperative frameworks established by these MOUs. Below is a list of local banks and governments in developing countries which have signed MOUs with JBIC for business cooperation.

Local Financial Institutions and Governments of Developing Countries which Signed MOUs and Participating Japanese Regional Financial Institutions

as of December, 2022
Country Local financial institutions / governments MOU
agreement date
Number of participating
Japanese regional
financial institutions
Thailand KASIKORNBANK Public Company Limited May 2011 27
Indonesia PT. Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk July 2011 31
India State Bank of India August 2012 44
The Philippines BDO Unibank, Inc. (BDO) March 2013 7
The Philippines Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company (Metrobank) March 2013 44
Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) July 2013 5
Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam August 2013 43
Mexico The State of Aguascalientes October 2015 64
Mexico The State of Jalisco November 2015 64
Mexico The State of Guanajuato February 2016 64
Mexico The State of Nuevo Leon March 2016 64


JBIC Today

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Export Loans

Export loans support Japanese plant, ship and technology exports.

Overseas Investment Loans

JBIC provides overseas investment loans to meet long-term financing needs of Japanese firms for their international business development, including projects that will establish/expand production bases and develop natural resources overseas.


JBIC issues guarantees for loans extended by private financial institutions, public bonds issued by governments and other public entities in developing countries and corporate bonds issued by overseas Japanese subsidiaries and affiliates.

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