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About JBIC
About JBIC

This page introduces information on JBIC's role and organization.


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Support Menu

JBIC offers a range of financial products and other services to our clients.


Business Areas
Business Areas

Information about JBIC's activities in each business area and its efforts for environmental conservation.


Public Information
Public Information

Various reports compiled and contributed by JBIC


Press Releases
Press Releases


Investor Relations
Investor Relations

This page introduces information on JBIC's investor relations.


JBIC Today

The latest 30 JBIC Today are shown below.

  1. [April 2019] A Review of Overseas Business Operations by Japanese Manufacturers in the Past 30 Years
  2. [March 2019] Aiming to be a navigator that helps Japanese companies expand business overseas in an uncertain world
  3. [November 2018] Global Financial Stability and JBIC's Mission :A Decade after the Global Financial Crisis in 2008
  4. [May 2018] Capturing diverse infrastructure needs of the world
  5. [Special Issue] Supporting the Overseas Expansion of Japanese Mid-tier Enterprises and SMEs
  6. [December 2017] Cross-border M&A : the Most Feasible Way for Japanese Companies to Grow
  7. [July 2017]Towards New Relations between Japanese Companies and Middle Eastern Oil Nations
  8. [April 2017] Overseas Investment Destinations of Japanese Manufacturing Companies Understanding the Latest Trends
  9. [March 2017] Japanese Mid-tier Enterprises and SMEs : Entering New Stage of Global Business
  10. [Special Issue] Rising Global Demand for Infrastructure Development – Challenges and Contributions of Japan
  11. [November 2016] Japan's Role towards Global Climate Change Resolution
  12. [June 2016] Growth in Africa and Power Infrastructure
  13. [March 2016] Ever-changing globalization of manufacturing companies
  14. [February 2016] Increasing support for mid-tier enterprises and SMEs
  15. [Special Issue] 3rd Anniversary of the New JBIC : JBIC's Evolving Role and Mission
  16. [June 2015] Emerging Central Asia and the Promising Economies
  17. [March 2015] Global business development of manufacturing companies : Based on JBIC FY2014 Survey : Outlook for Japanese Foreign Direct Investment
  18. [January 2015] Growth Strategy of Japanese Companies Increasing Overseas M&A Deals : Accelerating globalization and JBIC's activities
  19. [September 2014] Further development of the shipbuilding and ship machinery industry
  20. [June 2014] Brazil and Mexico : Trends in the two countries and JBIC's activities
  21. [April 2014] Global Business Operations of Japanese Manufacturing Companies: Interpreting the Latest Trends : Results of the JBIC FY2013 Survey: Outlook for Japanese Foreign Direct Investment
  22. [February 2014] Supporting Further Overseas Business Deployment by SMEs : Financing in Local Currency and Coordination with Regional Financial Institutions for Faster and More Flexible Support
  23. [November 2013] LNG Supply and Demand and the Effect of the “Shale Gas Revolution” : Considering Stable Procurement of LNG for Japan
  24. [August 2013] Initiatives in Africa : - TICAD V Aims for a New Five Years -
  25. [March 2013] Improving the Competitiveness of Manufacturing From Survey Report on Overseas Business Operations by Japanese Manufacturing Companies
  26. [January 2013] The Key to Overseas Infrastructure Development - Division of Roles Between Public and Private Sectors
  27. [November 2012] Supporting the Overseas Expansion Of Mid-Tier Enterprises and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
  28. [Special Issue 2012] The Start of New JBIC
  29. [February 2012] Survey Reveals Overseas Business Development Prospects : - The FY2011 Survey Report on Overseas Business Operations of Japanese Manufacturing Companies -
  30. [November 2011] Securing Stable Energy Supplies for Japan : - Support for Japan's Socioeconomic Activities -
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