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About JBIC
About JBIC

This page introduces information on JBIC's role and organization.


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Support Menu

JBIC offers a range of financial products and other services to our clients.


Business Areas
Business Areas

Information about JBIC's activities in each business area and its efforts for environmental conservation.


Public Information
Public Information

Various reports compiled and contributed by JBIC


Press Releases
Press Releases


Investor Relations
Investor Relations

This page introduces information on JBIC's investor relations.


Public Information

Various reports compiled and contributed by JBIC

Introduction of a report publication


    JBIC TODAY image

    An information magazine on JBIC's various activities and topics.

    JBIC Today [December 2017]

    • Special Feature: M&A
      Cross-border M&A :the Most Feasible Way for Japanese Companies to Grow- To the center of the growth strategy -
    • Our Global Challenges
      Farmdo Corp. (Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture)

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  • Annual Report

    Annual Report (image)

    An annual report on JBIC activities and finances.

  • Role and Function

    Role and Function (image)

    JBIC performs its role and functions to advance Japan's external economic policy.

  • Overseas Investment Research

    Overseas Investment Research (image)

    The objective of the survey is to understand the current trends, agenda and future outlook of the overseas business operations of internationally active Japanese manufacturing companies.

  • JBIC Project Finance Initiatives

    JBIC Project Finance Initiatives (image)

    A report on examples of JBIC-participated project finance

  • JBIC's Activities for Environmental Sustainability

    JBIC's Activities for Environmental Sustainability (image)

    A report on JBIC's environmental procedures and activities.

  • Reports

    Reports (image)

    Reports and publications of JBIC activities summarized

Interviews with JBIC employees

The projects supported by JBIC and its other operations are described
through interviews with JBIC employees involved in them.

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Press Releases

January 18, 2018 Loan for Wharf Development and Operation by Japanese Company in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam:Supporting the Overseas Expansion of Japanese Steel Industry
January 16, 2018 JBIC Signs Facility Agreement with ADNOC:Securing long-term supply of crude oil and strengthening strategic partnership with Abu Dhabi
December 07, 2017 Partial Acquisition of Privately Placed Samurai Bonds Issued by Government of Turkey:Supporting Diversification of Turkey's Funding Sources and Vitalization of Samurai Bond Market
November 28, 2017 JBIC Provides Project Finance for Construction of Nacala Railway and Port Infrastructure in the Republic of Mozambique and the Republic of Malawi:Supporting the securing of a stable supply of mineral resources to Japan
November 24, 2017 Loan for Japanese Automobile Parts Manufacturer in Mexico:Providing Local Currency Loan to Support Japanese Company with Overseas Operations

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What's New

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December 20, 2017JBIC Today[December 2017] Cross-border M&A : the Most Feasible Way for Japanese Companies to Grow
October 26, 2017TopicsJBIC Held Workshop for Japanese Regional Banks with Operations in Singapore
September 26, 2017ReportsThe Philippines, A country with ambition:Published in the September 2017 issue of the Japan Institute for Overseas Investment (JOI)'s bimonthly magazine, "Kaigai-Touyushi (Foreign Investment and Finance)"