About JBIC

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JBIC performs its role and functions to advance Japan's external economic policy.

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See Message from the Governor Akira Kondoh.

See JBIC's corporate profile.

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See JBIC's board of directors and corporate auditors.

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See JBIC's origanizational chart.

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See JBIC's Corporate Philosophy, Slogan and Code of Conduct.

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The Plan explicates business issues to be addressed by JBIC over the medium term and sets out resource-dedicated strategies, as well as action plans.

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JBIC is making efforts to build corporate governance structure with particular attention to operational integrity and efficiency.

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JBIC set off for a new start on April 1, 2012, based on the JBIC Act promulgated and enforced on May 2, 2011.

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Link to access information on the JBIC Head Office and West Japan Office, as well as general information on overseas representative offices and JBIC activities related to them.

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  1. * Toronto Liaison Office has been closed in the end of September, 2010.
  2. * Representative Office in Hong Kong and Representative Office in Frankfurt have been closed in the end of September, 2011.
  3. * Sydney Office has been closed in the end of June, 2013.